"The Brady Bunch" Kelly's Kids 1974
"The Brady Bunch" Kelly's Kids 1974

Story: Mike and Carol's friends, nightclub performer Ken Kelly and his wife Kathy Kelly, have just purchased a larger house close to the Bradys. They announce to Mike and Carol the reason for the larger house is because they have just adopted an eight-year-old boy named Matt. Although Matt loves being adopted and loves his new parents, his transition to the Kelly household is not an entirely smooth one since Matt misses all of his old friends at the adoption home, most specifically his best friends Dwayne and Steve, who referred to themselves as the Three Musketeers. Ken and Kathy decide that if they are going to have an instant family, that raising two boys would be just as easy as raising one. The question becomes which of Dwayne or Steve, if either, is the one they are going to choose. That becomes a more difficult decision than they had first imagined after they meet the two boys. Their new enlarged family may be torn apart before it even has a chance to develop due to the intolerance of their neighbor Mrs. Payne, who not only implies that she doesn't like children but that she finds certain other aspects of the children's basic characteristics offensive.
Release date: 04 Jan 1974
User Votes: 5.2
Countries: United States,
Genres: Comedy, Family,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 25 minutes
Oscars: None
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