Pretend You Don't See Her 2002
Pretend You Don't See Her 2002

Story: Lacey Farrell is a Realtor in New York, whose latest assignment is to sell the apartment of a girl, who died in an accident recently. When she talks to the girl's mother she says that she thinks that her daughter's death was not accidental but murder. Later when she shows the apartment to a buyer, she finds the mother there and she says that she was right her daughter was murdered. Lacey and the buyer leave her alone. Later the mother calls Lacey asking her to come over so they can talk. When she gets there she finds the woman dead and the killer is the buyer. Before the mother dies she gives Lacey her daughter journal. Lacey turns it over to police but not until she makes a copy and gives it to the girl's father. Lacey is then told that the killer is a professional. The FBI then places her in Witness Protection. They relocate her to Minnesota and she brought with her a copy of the journal, and she reads it and the girl mentions a friend who lives in Minnesota. She then goes to a friend of the girl who lives in Minnesota to find out what he might know. But the killer is on her trail.
Release date: 12 Jan 2002
User Votes: 5.6
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 93 minutes
Oscars: None
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