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Another Brick in the Wall - 2016 Another Brick in the Wall (2016)
A nostalgic film about the unorthodox teacher we all wish we had, the girl we all fell for, and the friend we didn't expect
Rating: ?/10
Carel Struycken, Rachel Faulkner, Dennis Doyle Jr., Michael Ridley, Henry Frost III,
Hanging Millstone - 2016 Hanging Millstone (2016)
This thriller depicts some parental choices, and the results of them.
Rating: ?/10
Deborah Smith Ford, Kaycie Lee, Cadence Bambrey-Zedd, Christian Richardson, Ryan Milton Pratt,
I Love Her - 2016 I Love Her (2016)
The longer you wait, the more you loose
Rating: ?/10
Natalie Ivanchuk, Eudald Font, Andrés Mercado, Clare Durant, Alix Gentil,
Graces Room - 2016 Graces Room (2016)
Some girls just can't play nice...
Rating: ?/10
Rachel Alig, Amber Herfurth, Sean Walsh, Nick Chandler, Pat Garrigan,
Game Day - 2016 Game Day (2016)
To get to the top, you have to play the game.
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Drama,
Romeo Miller, Lisa Zane, Fyvush Finkel, Amy Holland Pennell, Chris Johnson,
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