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"High Maintenance" - 2016 "High Maintenance" (2016)
A city of strangers with one connection
Rating: 7.9/10
Comedy, Drama, Tv Series,
Ben Sinclair, Clem Cheung,
An American in Texas - 2016 An American in Texas (2016)
Lifelong friends on the cusp of adulthood look to bust out of small town Texas, but their defiant behavior leads them to lifelon
Rating: ?/10
Crime, Drama, Music, War,
Barry Corbin, James Paxton, Tony Cavalero, Quinton Aaron, Christopher Matthew Cook,
Close - 2016 Close (2016)
Looking for a reason to stay together is normally the reason not too.
Rating: ?/10
Kate Dickie, Roger Evans,
Angel by Thursday - 2016 Angel by Thursday (2016)
Some things are accidents but sometimes, the Universe works by design
Rating: ?/10
Branscombe Richmond, Jimmy Borges, Arlene Newman-Van Asperen, Olga Kalashnikova, Kenneth Matepi,
Ghosting - 2016 Ghosting (2016)
If you can see him, it's already too late.
Rating: 6.3/10
Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
Michael Mowen, Elizabeth Wyld, Bex Etter, Paul Fahrenkopf, Ralph Mauriello,
Branded - 2016 Branded (2016)
Two Brothers. Two Stories. One Truth.
Rating: ?/10
Drama, Mystery,
Jeremy London, Jason London, Susan Duerden, Masiela Lusha, Lee Perkins,
Hot Property - 2016 Hot Property (2016)
Home Alone for grown ups
Rating: 7.6/10
MyAnna Buring, Kate Bracken, Roanna Cochrane, Alex Ferns, Andrew Havill,
Demon Tongue - 2016 Demon Tongue (2016)
Welcome to your weekend from hell.
Rating: 2.3/10
Jack Davis, Debbie College, Seth Gontkovic, Jessica Long, Carrie Shoberg,
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