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Shongram - 2015 Shongram (2015)
The struggle for love and survival - Bangladesh 1971
Rating: ?/10
Action, Drama, History,
Anupam Kher, Asia Argento, Amaan Reza, Dilruba Yasmin Ruhee, Arman Parvez Murad,
Synapse - 2015 Synapse (2015)
The future is a memory.
Rating: ?/10
Sci Fi,
Sophina Brown, Henry Simmons, Adam Simon, Joshua Alba, William Rubio,
Extraction - 2015 Extraction (2015)
Fear is a choice. Courage is a decision. - Churchill.
Rating: ?/10
Action, Crime, Thriller,
Caitlin Custer, Brian Majestic, Christopher Newell, Tim Kirkpatrick, Brittany Nicole Sugar,
Batalon - 2015 Batalon (2015)
Pervyy. Zhenskiy. Bessmertnyy. (First. Female. Immortal.)
Rating: 6.5/10
Action, Drama, History, War,
Mariya Antonova, Mariya Aronova, Nikolay Auzin, Marat Basharov, Aleksey Dmitriev,
III - 2015 III (2015)
Since the closer to the bottom of the ocean, the darker it gets...
Rating: 6.4/10
Drama, Horror, Thriller,
Polina Davydova, Lyubov Ignatushko, Evgeniy Gagarin,
Crashing Wall Street - 2015 Crashing Wall Street (2015)
Rating: ?/10
Far Too Far - 2015 Far Too Far (2015)
The only thing stronger than love is desperation
Rating: 8.4/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Brandi Wethington, Abbey Hunt, Chris Overson, Marcella Hower, Rick Martinez,
Super Awesome! - 2015 Super Awesome! (2015)
Get ready to face the music.
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Musical,
Guy Edmonds, Matt Zeremes, Simon Burke, Rob Carlton, Annie Maynard,
Going Bongo - 2015 Going Bongo (2015)
An American doctor mistakenly volunteers to go to Africa for one month
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Drama,
Ernest Napoleon, Emanuela Galliussi, Ashley Olds, Nyokabi Gethaiga, MacDonald Haule,
The Liberator - 2015 The Liberator (2015)
Freedom comes at a price.
Rating: ?/10
Ben Lettieri, Keith Chanter, Daniel Jordan, Jessica Bayly, Martin Wan,
Suddenly Real - 2015 Suddenly Real (2015)
A Compelling Search For Life... not of this world
Rating: ?/10
Adventure, Horror, Romance, Sci Fi, Thriller,
Elizabeth Cooper, Alex Lorre, Henry Frost III, Dustin Seabolt, Mia Hunter,
The Dresden Codex - 2015 The Dresden Codex (2015)
Where knowledge ends, mystery begins.
Rating: ?/10
Crime, Mystery, Sci Fi, Thriller,
Udo Kier, Mary Mouser, Werner Daehn, Heino Ferch, Florian Panzner,
Tercer grado - 2015 Tercer grado (2015)
An eviction, a robbery, a last chance.
Rating: 8.2/10
Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Jesús Lloveras, Sara Casasnovas, Javier Beltrán, Frank Feys, Miko Jarry,
Escaping the Dead - 2015 Escaping the Dead (2015)
Inspired by the face eating incident in Miami..
Rating: ?/10
Bastian Brinch Pedersen, Rama Øzel, Daniel Hutera, Ali Öezkan, Kim Sønderholm,
The North Star - 2015 The North Star (2015)
A Perilous Journey to Freedom (Based on a True Story)
Rating: ?/10
Jeremiah Trotter, Thomas C. Bartley Jr., Clifton Powell, John Diehl, Keith David,
Beach Cougar Gigolo - 2015 Beach Cougar Gigolo (2015)
Midnight Cowboy Meets The Flamingo Kid in Santa Barbara
Rating: ?/10
Action, Comedy,
Brett Butler, Eve Mauro, Carole Davis, Sewell Whitney, Shamus Murphy,
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