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Unicorn City - 2013 Unicorn City (2013)
You are what you pretend to be.
Rating: 5.5/10
Comedy, Romance,
Jon Gries, Matt Mattson, Clint Vanderlinden, Steve Berg, Missy Hill,
Infected - 2013 Infected (2013)
Can the human race survive once its blood stream becomes...INFECTED
Rating: 2.9/10
Action, Horror, Sci Fi,
Christy Romano, Michael Madsen, William Forsythe, Tom DeNucci, Johnny Cicco,
Dark Feed - 2013 Dark Feed (2013)
Insanity can be contagious
Rating: 3.6/10
Evalena Marie, Michael Reed, Bree Elrod, Dayna Cousins, Jonathan Thomson,
Assassins Run - 2013 Assassins Run (2013)
Everything you trust. Everything you know. May be a lie...
Rating: 4.2/10
Action, Crime, Thriller,
Christian Slater, Sofya Skya, Cole Hauser, Angus Macfadyen, Marianna Khalifman,
Beneath - 2013 Beneath (2013)
They're only friends on the surface.
Rating: 3.9/10
Horror, Thriller,
Daniel Zovatto, Bonnie Dennison, Chris Conroy, Jonny Orsini, Griffin Newman,
About Time - 2013 About Time (2013)
A new funny film about love. With a bit of time travel.
Rating: 7.7/10
Comedy, Drama, Sci Fi,
Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lydia Wilson, Lindsay Duncan,
Compulsion - 2013 Compulsion (2013)
Two women. Two obsessions. One all-consuming liaison.
Rating: 3.9/10
Drama, Thriller,
Heather Graham, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kevin Dillon, Joe Mantegna, Kate Trotter,
Miss Dial - 2013 Miss Dial (2013)
Sometimes it takes a wrong number to make the right connection.
Rating: 5.4/10
Robinne Lee, Sam Jaeger, Jon Huertas, Sara Rue, Amanda Crew,
Prank - 2013 Prank (2013)
For the Bullies, it was fun and games. For him, it was deadly serious.
Rating: 3.3/10
Nick Renaud, Henry Monfries, Gemmenne de la Peña, Hannah Kasulka, Alastair James,
House of Last Things - 2013 House of Last Things (2013)
Pick up the key... unlock the past
Rating: 6.1/10
Fantasy, Thriller,
Lindsey Haun, Blake Berris, RJ Mitte, Randy Schulman, Diane Dalton,
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