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Tourist Trap - 1979 Tourist Trap (1979)
Every year young people disappear
Rating: 6.2/10
Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
Chuck Connors, Jocelyn Jones, Jon Van Ness, Robin Sherwood, Tanya Roberts,
Cryptogram - 2013 Cryptogram (2013)
God and the Devil agree on one thing. They love the obscure and hate the obvious. - not from The Holy Bible... but implied by Th
Rating: ?/10
Adventure, Mystery, Thriller,
Jessica Archer, Adam Bennett, Alyssa Rallo Bennett, Bret J. Cococcia, David Danon,
Roommate Wanted - 2013 Roommate Wanted (2013)
If you're not friends with your roommates, why should they live ... with you?
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Mystery, Thriller,
Seth Holbrook, Jessica Jacques, Mike Johnson, Matthew Nichols,
Ridge War Z - 2013 Ridge War Z (2013)
This is war... Scars and all...
Rating: 3.6/10
Thriller, War,
Tyler Allen, Alek Gearhart, Kyle Gordon, Eoin Hartel, Andrew Jackson,
The Big Town - 1987 The Big Town (1987)
When things get hot, people get burned . . . bet on it! (Video Australia)
Rating: 5.9/10
Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Matt Dillon, Diane Lane, Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Dern, Lee Grant,
Sasquatch Hunters - 2005 Sasquatch Hunters (2005)
Bigfoot... Sasquatch... Some legends never die... They Kill!
Rating: 3.5/10
Action, Horror, Thriller,
Matt Lattimore, Amy Shelton-White, Kevin O'Connor, Gary Sturm, David Zelina,
Changing Lanes - 2002 Changing Lanes (2002)
An ambitious lawyer, a desperate father, they had no reason to meet, until today,
Rating: 6.4/10
Drama, Thriller,
Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson, Kim Staunton, Toni Collette, Sydney Pollack,
Bikini Girls on Ice - 2009 Bikini Girls on Ice (2009)
These girls are so hot, they need to be put on ice!
Rating: 3.1/10
Horror, Thriller,
Cindel Chartrand, Danielle Doetsch, William Jarand, Suzi Lorraine, Christina Sciortino,
Soylent Green - 1973 Soylent Green (1973)
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
Rating: 7.0/10
Mystery, Sci Fi, Thriller,
Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, Chuck Connors, Joseph Cotten, Brock Peters,
Bright Angel - 1990 Bright Angel (1990)
Don't fall for someone who's got more troubles than you.
Rating: 5.7/10
Drama, Thriller,
Dermot Mulroney, Lili Taylor, Sam Shepard, Valerie Perrine, Burt Young,
Crash Landing - 2005 Crash Landing (2005)
A deadly standoff at 30,000 feet...
Rating: 3.6/10
Action, Crime, Thriller,
Antonio Sabato Jr., Michael Paré, Brianne Davis, Kevin Dobson, Rene Rivera,
Unrest - 2006 Unrest (2006)
The First Film To Use Real Bodies
Rating: 5.1/10
Horror, Thriller,
Corri English, Marisa Petroro, Ben Livingston, Abner Genece, Derrick O'Connor,
Hei tai yang 731 xu ji zhi sha ren gong chang - 1992 Hei tai yang 731 xu ji zhi sha ren gong chang (1992)
No cuts. More guts. The film they tried to ban!
Rating: 4.6/10
Action, Drama, Thriller, War,
Gong Chu, Yuen-Ching Leung, Wan Ying Ying,
The Birds - 1963 The Birds (1963)
Suspense and shock beyond anything you have seen or imagined!
Rating: 7.8/10
Horror, Thriller,
Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Veronica Cartwright,
Revanche - 2008 Revanche (2008)
Whose fault is it if life doesn't go your way? [US release]
Rating: 7.6/10
Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Johannes Krisch, Irina Potapenko, Andreas Lust, Ursula Strauss, Johannes Thanheiser,
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