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The Woodsman - 2016 The Woodsman (2016)
Rating: ?/10
Drama, Sci Fi,
In Circles - 2016 In Circles (2016)
It's written into the ground.
Rating: 5.0/10
Drama, Mystery, Sci Fi,
Jon Campling, Chloe Farnworth, James Fisher, Dan Burman, Sandy Kate Slade,
Appu & Gappu International Super Detectives - 2016 Appu & Gappu International Super Detectives (2016)
One is faster than Computer and other is stronger than terminator.
Rating: ?/10
Animation, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci Fi,
Kurung Manuk - 2016 Kurung Manuk (2016)
Off kilter and more than a little bizarre. Kurung Manuk is surprisingly personal experimental movie
Rating: ?/10
Sci Fi,
Mehdi Amrullah, Asep, Sabrina Athika, Adhie August, Meike Djuaeni,
Patient 62 - 2016 Patient 62 (2016)
They abducted girls no one would miss. They chose wrong.
Rating: ?/10
Sci Fi, Thriller,
Reece Wagner, Chrissy Mozylisky, Glenn LaPointe, Andrew Valdez, Anna Seibel,
They Call Me Superseven - 2016 They Call Me Superseven (2016)
The World's Greatest Masked Super Spy is Ready For Action!
Rating: 8.2/10
Action, Comedy, Sci Fi,
Jerry Kokich, Olivia Dunkley, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Anna Bazarkina, Kurt Carley,
Tomorrow Ever After - 2016 Tomorrow Ever After (2016)
A time-traveler's guide to The Great Despair
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Sci Fi,
Carolina Ravassa, Caitlin Mehner, Frank Lewallen, Ela Thier, Craig Resta,
Cosmos - 2016 Cosmos (2016)
The Truth Finds Us
Rating: ?/10
Sci Fi,
Josh Ford, Ben Vardy, Arjun Singh Panam, Tom England,
E.A.S. - 2016 E.A.S. (2016)
Rating: ?/10
Sci Fi,
Errol Sack, Noël Baker,
Contos da Morte - 2016 Contos da Morte (2016)
Twelve filmmakers in the search of the true terror.
Rating: ?/10
Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller,
Amanda Barreto, Nuna Nischiyama, Carla Elgert, Johnny Black, Leandro Lefa,
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