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Isolation - 2005 Isolation (2005)
A horror film set on a lonely farm in rural Ireland
Rating: 5.6/10
Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller,
Essie Davis, Sean Harris, Marcel Iures, Crispin Letts, John Lynch,
Scar - 2005 Scar (2005)
It was just bad timing.
Rating: 3.3/10
Randy Wayne, Ashley C. Nelson, Dee Wallace, Christopher Le Crenn, Joe Estevez,
Rinne - 2005 Rinne (2005)
Death Is Only The Beginning
Rating: 6.2/10
Horror, Mystery,
Yûka, Karina, Kippei Shîna, Tetta Sugimoto, Shun Oguri,
Snakewoman - 2005 Snakewoman (2005)
From the Master of Erotic Horror!
Rating: 3.6/10
Carmen Montes, Fata Morgana, Christie Levin, Exequiel Caldas, Lina Romay,
The Retreat - 2005 The Retreat (2005)
"When the hood appears.....friends Disappear!"
Rating: 2.9/10
Melissa Schuman, Scott Vickaryous, Shanti Lowry, Tobiasz Daszkiewicz, Thomas Zellen,
No Sound Without Silence - 2005 No Sound Without Silence (2005)
Rating: ?/10
"Slasher" - 2016 "Slasher" (2016)
Everyone in this town has a past. Not everyone has a future.
Rating: 6.6/10
Drama, Horror, Thriller, Tv Series,
Katie McGrath, Brandon Jay McLaren, Steve Byers, Patrick Garrow, Christopher Jacot,
"In the Flesh" - 2013 "In the Flesh" (2013)
Life is hard. Death isn't any easier.
Rating: 8.1/10
Drama, Horror, Tv Series,
Luke Newberry, Harriet Cains, Marie Critchley, Steve Cooper, Emily Bevan,
"Les Revenants" - 2012 "Les Revenants" (2012)
The dead have returned. But this is a homecoming like no other.
Rating: 8.3/10
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Tv Series,
Anne Consigny, Clotilde Hesme, Frédéric Pierrot, Céline Sallette, Grégory Gadebois,
Frog-g-g! - 2004 Frog-g-g! (2004)
It's not nice to play with mother nature.
Rating: 4.4/10
Sci Fi, Comedy, Horror,
Kristi Russell, Ariadne Shaffer, Robert Patrick Brink, Michael McConnohie, James Duval,
Decoys - 2004 Decoys (2004)
They're not what they seem.
Rating: 4.6/10
Comedy, Horror, Sci Fi,
Corey Sevier, Stefanie von Pfetten, Kim Poirier, Elias Toufexis, Meghan Ory,
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