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Toxic Tutu - 2015 Toxic Tutu (2015)
The Almost True Story of What Became Of The Toxic Avenger's Mark Torgl
Rating: ?/10
Jeremy Ambler, Teresa Ambler, John Angel, Katt Balsan, David Barroso,
III - 2015 III (2015)
Since the closer to the bottom of the ocean, the darker it gets...
Rating: 6.4/10
Drama, Horror, Thriller,
Polina Davydova, Lyubov Ignatushko, Evgeniy Gagarin,
Suddenly Real - 2015 Suddenly Real (2015)
A Compelling Search For Life... not of this world
Rating: ?/10
Adventure, Horror, Romance, Sci Fi, Thriller,
Elizabeth Cooper, Alex Lorre, Henry Frost III, Dustin Seabolt, Mia Hunter,
Escaping the Dead - 2015 Escaping the Dead (2015)
Inspired by the face eating incident in Miami..
Rating: ?/10
Bastian Brinch Pedersen, Rama Øzel, Daniel Hutera, Ali Öezkan, Kim Sønderholm,
The Haunted - 2015 The Haunted (2015)
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Rating: ?/10
Jessica Felice, Shawn Anthony, Elaine Caulfield, Carl Wharton, Cengiz Dervis,
Trace - 2015 Trace (2015)
Trace the origin straight to hell.
Rating: ?/10
Jerod Meagher, August Roads, Jesse Pepe, Sam Valentine, Nick Fink,
The Demolisher - 2015 The Demolisher (2015)
When a fragile mind is pushed too far...
Rating: ?/10
Action, Horror, Thriller,
Ry Barrett, Tianna Nori, Jessica Vano, Duncan McLellan, Bruce Turner,
Zombie Pizza - 2015 Zombie Pizza (2015)
Pizza. Anytime. Anywhere.
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Horror,
Gleb Kaminer, Rachel Barrer, Shaun Rey, James Boland, Richard Bird,
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