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Viking - 2016 Viking (2016)
"Tebe nado uvidet, chtoby poverit" ("You need to see to believe")
Rating: ?/10
Action, Drama, History, War,
Anton Adasinsky, Aleksandr Armer, Vilen Babichev, Rostislav Bershauer, Aleksandra Bortich,
In-cheon sang-ryuk jak-jeon - 2016 In-cheon sang-ryuk jak-jeon (2016)
The odds were 5000 to 1. One was all they needed.
Rating: 6.4/10
Action, Drama, History, War,
Jung-jae Lee, Liam Neeson, Beom-su Lee, Matthew D'Arcy, Sean Dulake,
Fuglene over sundet Fuglene over sundet "Across the Waters" (2016)
En familie, en flugt, én chance (One family, one escape, one chance)
Rating: 6.6/10
Drama, History, War,
David Dencik, Danica Curcic, Jakob Cedergren, Nicolas Bro, Laura Bro,
Denial - 2016 Denial (2016)
The whole world knows the holocaust happened. Now she needs to prove it.
Rating: 6.5/10
Biography, Drama, History,
Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall, Andrew Scott, Jack Lowden,
The Founder - 2016 The Founder (2016)
He took someone else's idea and America ate it up.
Rating: 7.4/10
Biography, Drama, History,
Linda Cardellini, Nick Offerman, Michael Keaton, Patrick Wilson, Laura Dern,
The Lands Music - 2016 The Lands Music (2016)
An epic adventure set on the ancient Silk Road. Destiny brought two separated brothers together in the hope of rescuing a dying
Rating: ?/10
Adventure, History,
Altenai Altenai, Magzan Bahdaulet, Alamjahn Tosibek,
Altamira - 2016 Altamira (2016)
Some secrets are too powerful to hide.
Rating: 5.8/10
Drama, History,
Clément Sibony, Rupert Everett, Javivi, Irene Escolar, Nicholas Farrell,
Queen of the Desert - 2015 Queen of the Desert (2015)
One woman can change the course of history.
Rating: 5.6/10
Biography, Drama, History, Romance,
Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Damian Lewis, Robert Pattinson, Jay Abdo,
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