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Montana - 2014 Montana (2014)
Raised in the streets, trained by an assassin.
Rating: 5.5/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Dominique Tipper, Michelle Fairley, Lars Mikkelsen, Duane Henry, Adam Deacon,
Man from Reno - 2014 Man from Reno (2014)
The greatest mystery she's ever written. And it could be her last.
Rating: 6.8/10
Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller,
Ayako Fujitani, Pepe Serna, Kazuki Kitamura, Yasuyo Shiba, Hiroshi Watanabe,
The Forger - 2014 The Forger (2014)
It's never too late for one last heist.
Rating: 5.7/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
John Travolta, Christopher Plummer, Tye Sheridan, Abigail Spencer, Anson Mount,
By the Gun - 2014 By the Gun (2014)
Nick wanted to be a made man until he found a reason to get out
Rating: 4.8/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Ben Barnes, Leighton Meester, Slaine, Ritchie Coster, Toby Jones,
The Laughing Mask - 2014 The Laughing Mask (2014)
If you're guilty, Beware the Laughing Mask
Rating: 7.0/10
Crime, Horror, Thriller,
Floyd Adams, Arisia Aguiar, Jade Aguiar, Bill Asbury, Laura Bush,
After the Fall - 2014 After the Fall (2014)
Desperate times call for desperate measures
Rating: 5.1/10
Crime, Drama,
Wes Bentley, Kevin Owen McDonald, Vinessa Shaw, Haley Bennett, Jason Isaacs,
La French - 2014 La French (2014)
Marseille 1975. To stop a dangerous drug lord, you need a dangerous cop.
Rating: 7.1/10
Action, Crime, Thriller,
Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche, Céline Sallette, Mélanie Doutey, Benoît Magimel,
After School - 2014 After School (2014)
It's After School And The Clock Is Ticking!
Rating: 7.7/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Mauricio Mendoza, Yeniffer Behrens, Adrian Moreira-Behrens, Vance Valencia, Fanny Veliz,
Bony a klid II - 2014 Bony a klid II (2014)
Vsichni dobrí veksláci (All my good usurers)
Rating: 3.3/10
Comedy, Crime,
Michaela Bendova, Stepán Benoni, Otmar Brancuzský, Radek Bruna, Marie Bydzovská,
Algorithm - 2014 Algorithm (2014)
The geeks have inherited the earth...the rest of you just don't know it yet.
Rating: 4.8/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Raphael Barker, Keith Barletta, Julie Ceballos, Joey Devine, Aren Ewing,
Nirvana - O Filme - 2014 Nirvana - O Filme (2014)
Vengeance is a tough call when you're a world class loser
Rating: 6.2/10
Action, Biography, Comedy, Crime,
Carlos Areia, Paulo Azevedo, Frederico Barata, Sónia Claudia, Tiago da Cruz,
Full English Breakfast - 2014 Full English Breakfast (2014)
Drugs, Thugs and the White Cliffs of Dover
Rating: 2.7/10
Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller,
Dave Courtney, Jamie Bannerman, Lucy Drive, Jerry Anderson, Richard Angol,
Gato negro - 2014 Gato negro (2014)
Toda ambición tiene su precio. [Every ambition has its price.]
Rating: 6.0/10
Crime, Drama,
Guillermo Arengo, Leticia Brédice, Lito Cruz, Luciano Cáceres, Santino Gallo,
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