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Nat-sool - 2008 Nat-sool (2008)
Things look different from the bottom of the bottle.
Rating: 6.7/10
Comedy, Drama,
Sam-dong Song, Sang-yeop Yuk, Kang-hee Kim, Seong-joon Tak, Lan-hee Lee,
Dead Fury - 2008 Dead Fury (2008)
"Hell hath no fury like the dead."
Rating: 4.6/10
Animation, Action, Comedy, Horror,
Frank Sudol,
Smoking Laws - 2008 Smoking Laws (2008)
...a comedy about bad habits.
Rating: 8.4/10
Keven Adams, Joe Alessi, Ashlee Amoia, Fred Armstrong, Steve Briscoe,
Qian bu gou yong 2 (Money No Enough II) - 2008 Qian bu gou yong 2 (Money No Enough II) (2008)
Have you felt poorer than poor?
Rating: 5.8/10
Comedy, Drama,
Jack Neo, Mark Lee, Henry Thia, John Cheng, Meng Lai,
Road Reps - 2008 Road Reps (2008)
A romantic comedy with a woody
Rating: 7.5/10
Charles Wall, Laura Russo, Charlie Gruet, Marlon Grace, Crispian Belfrage,
An Ideal Life - 2008 An Ideal Life (2008)
A man's miserable life is magically transformed into his ideal life when he's taped on a little video camera.
Rating: ?/10
Wes Worthing, Susan Barnabo, Matt Eastvold, Anna Boelman, Scott Porter,
Hamlet the Vampire Slayer - 2008 Hamlet the Vampire Slayer (2008)
To slay or not to slay... Is there a question?
Rating: 3.0/10
Kevin R. Elder, Leslie Nesbit, Doug Montoya, Summer Olsson, George Bach,
From Wimp to Pimp - 2008 From Wimp to Pimp (2008)
Can Science Help Melvin on the Quest for Chest?
Rating: 7.8/10
Sean Kaufmann, Allen Adam, Peter Bako, Michael Bien, Myles Borins,
Revengers Inc. - 2008 Revengers Inc. (2008)
The world needs a superhero...this is who applied...
Rating: ?/10
Comedy, Drama,
Victoria Freed, Stefanie Estes, Casey Moekel, Taryn O'Brae, Hillary Geddes,
Work of Art - 2008 Work of Art (2008)
One Crappy Painting Can Change Your Life.
Rating: 6.6/10
Rene Fornari, Victor Salvatore, Kevin A. Walton, Craig Bonaventura, Nicholas Simmons,
Attack of the Slime People - 2008 Attack of the Slime People (2008)
A 1950's horror film maker will do anything to make his big comeback...even murder.
Rating: 6.9/10
Robert Tiffe, Carlee Baker, Jackie Zane, Ben Trimm, Kyle Ingleman,
The Punchline - 2008 The Punchline (2008)
Being a comedian is no laughing matter.
Rating: ?/10
Alicia Dattner,
Achterklap - 2008 Achterklap (2008)
Rating: ?/10
Adriaan Van den Hoof,
A Fistful of Fuku - 2008 A Fistful of Fuku (2008)
When you're the fastest skirt in the east, EVERYONE want's to take you down!
Rating: ?/10
Action, Comedy,
Towa Aino, Monica Ayres, Giichi Ishii, Susumu Kanbe, Tetsuo Kuramoto,
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