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Menandros & Thaïs - 2016 Menandros & Thaïs (2016)
A surreal and poetic swords-and-sandals action road movie
Rating: 8.8/10
Action, Adventure, Drama, History,
Jakub Gottwald, Jessyca R. Hauser, Ondrej Bauer, Violetta Zupancic, Alexander Almasy,
LoveJacked - 2016 LoveJacked (2016)
Welcome to the age of weaponized love
Rating: ?/10
Action, Adventure, Comedy,
Chelsea Rae Bernier, Chad Chance, Ted Ferguson, Elisse Nielson, Francis Lansang,
Nessie & Me - 2016 Nessie & Me (2016)
Anything is Possible If You Just Believe
Rating: 5.3/10
Adventure, Family,
Michael Paré, Toni Hudson, Paul Wallace, Shay Dickerhoff, John Henry Richardson,
The Do-Over - 2016 The Do-Over (2016)
Dying was their first mistake.
Rating: 5.7/10
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery,
Adam Sandler, David Spade, Paula Patton, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson,
Robinson Crusoe - 2016 Robinson Crusoe (2016)
Just because you're stranded... doesn't mean you can't make some friends.
Rating: 5.3/10
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family,
Matthias Schweighöfer, Kaya Yanar, Ilka Bessin, Dieter Hallervorden, Aylin Tezel,
Deadman Apocalypse - 2016 Deadman Apocalypse (2016)
Beneath the ruins of earth, waits a new world...
Rating: 3.2/10
Costa Chard, Dylan Curtis, Kate Marie Davies, Barrington De La Roche, Miguel de Barros,
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