Riders of Destiny 1933
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Riders of Destiny 1933
A Great Western Star in a WHIRLWIND of ACTION! (1947 poster)
Plot: Bad guy Kincaid controls the local water supply and plans to do in the other ranchers. Government agent Saunders shows up undercover to do in Kincaid and win the heart of one of his victims Fay Denton.
Story: Kincade controls the area's water supply and is about to force the ranchers into contracts at exorbitant rates. Government Agent Saunders has a plan that will open up the lost river and dry up Kincade's supply. So he gets the ranchers to insist on a clause that Kincade's land will revert to the public if he fails to deliver water.
Release date: 10 October 1933
User Votes: 5.4
Countries: USA,
Genres: Music, Romance, Western,
MPAA Rating: Unknown
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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