"Criminal Minds" Wheels Up 2017
"Criminal Minds" Wheels Up 2017

Story: On their way to apprehend Scratch, the BAU team members, minus Garcia and Reid, who has not yet been reinstated, are instead ambushed in what was a trap set by Scratch. For a specific reason, Garcia brings along SSA Matt Simmons formerly of the International Response Team to the BAU team members' last known site of communication. There, Garcia and Simmons do find the team members, each suffering from a range of no injuries to the opposite extreme. However, one team member is missing, assumed apprehended by Scratch. Reid - who is unofficially reinstated in this extenuating circumstance - Simmons, Garcia and the healthy team members continue their search for Scratch in trying to save their apprehended colleague. They have access to what most of the team was unaware of which is a hard copy only file folder on recent activities regarding Scratch. Adding Reid back to the team has both pluses and minuses, for the team, for the case and for Reid himself. Meanwhile, Scratch chose the specific team member to meet his end game, that team member who he believes is the only one who can provide the information he wants. As such, Scratch has to keep the team member alive and lucid - at least until he gets what he wants - while using those tactics which will best get him the desired information.
Release date: 27 Sep 2017
User Votes: 8.1
Countries: United States,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 43 minutes
Oscars: None
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